Logo Design Services Company

    Whether you are a start-up or multinational corporation, a professional looking brand can make a big difference to your revenue. And it all starts with a great logo design.

    Who need a custom business logo ?


    As specialists in the ecommerce sector, we know how competitive it can be. And with so many options available for consumers, a great-looking brand can be the difference between someone browsing your website to make purchases, or leaving to look somewhere else.


    For law firms, it’s important that clients not only remember and trust them but also refer their services to other people. A professional-looking brand is the first step to making sure people think your firm is the best one to reach out to for legal assistance.


    Brands like Google and Apple have set the standard for how tech businesses should present themselves, and anything less than that can make users choose other products, services, or apps. That makes hiring a reputable custom business logo service a necessity.

    Your Success is Our Priority


    Developing a powerful brand image takes time and an experienced logo design services company can oversee its continued growth and improvement. Coalition Technologies is here to provide you with the best custom business logo services. Our team includes creative designers who know how to formulate the type of online image that will build trust and revenue with our client’s consumer bases.

    At other companies, you are just another task on the to-do list waiting to get crossed off. But at Fiivers digital, you will be a priority for a team of branding specialists who care about your image as much as you do and want to provide you the best logo service to see you grow and expand as a business.

    Logo design service
    Our logo design process

    We will gather all of the information needed to craft your logo, including color schemes, font type, and the look and feel while also conducting extensive competitor research.

    Our team will set up a brainstorming meeting with you to gather information and to ensure we are on the right path.

    Our internal team will arrange call/zoom meeting to discuss and plan your design with the input we received from our brainstorming meeting. This also gives us the opportunity to clarify our design direction.

    Our designers will work to craft the perfect logo based on what we have discussed earlier on our call and using the creative brief.

    Finally, when you are satisfied with the design, we will send you the all of the files you need in several kinds of formats.