Software Development Service – Software developers at fiiver offer custom Software & CRM and ERP Application development services at cost effective price.

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    Custom Software Development


    At Fiivers digital, we serve you with end-to-end software consulting and development solutions. We help you plan, conceive, incorporate, build, augment and take care of your software with the help of our industry experts team from different knowledge domains – offering you absolute benefits from our expert consulting.

    We have built different solutions customized to your requirement. Believing in the fact ‘Informed businesses are Successful businesses’, we cater an organized system to allow you the right element of technology and benefits from our process enablement – which we offer through our full-fledged software consulting solutions.

    Our knowledge in the consulting domain is vast and years of experiments optimizing software applications have earned us the status of leading consultant in the domain. Our consultants focus on the facility providing distinctive operational competency to the unique business needs reading them through business strategy, changes in IT landscape, current pin-points etc. We have helped various solutions to be implemented in the right manner while helping our clients get complete assurance of the right empanelment and characterization of the process that holds the solution.

    We provide innovative solutions for following industries and small businesses.
    Industries We Serve
    Software Consulting Services
    At Fiivers digital our Digital Transformation team helps companies in identifying gaps between where they are now and where they require to be, and once after knowing they closes the gap.
    Fiivers digital engineer and fine-tune our search and data analytics solutions for customers worldwide. We have adept consultants and experts who help in Big Data strategy planning, implementation and support your application.
    Enterprise Mobility is a style of leadership taking companies to higher levels. It’s mainly about the use of mobile applications in order to conduct business and to enhance communication channels both inside and outside of the business.
    With Cloud computing it’s easier to reduce operational expenses, boost innovation, unleash new possibilities and realize your strategic IT objective faster. You can use this technology to regain your lost core business focus.
    Through our IT Infrastructure Consultation we help organizations in solving the IT problems with the help of customized hardware and software design. We also help organizations in evaluating the existing IT infrastructure comprising of network, power system and cooling system.
    Business process automation (BPA) is said to be the automation of complex business processes that goes beyond conventional data manipulation and record-keeping activities, via the use of advanced technologies. BPA deals with event-driven, mission-critical and core processes
    Advanced Software Solutions


    Agile is a development methodology promoting continuous iteration of development and testing throughout the software development life cycle of the project. This methodology is for the creative process anticipating the need for flexibility and applying a level of pragmatism into the delivery of the finished product. Here the development process focuses to keep coding simple, testing often and delivering functional bits of the application once they are ready.


    So you have a business intelligence solution already but still unsatisfied with those systems? Well, there is nothing to worry about. Do you export data into spreadsheets like crazy and spend huge sum of time struggling to create charts and graphs which you then mail. Isn’t it a frustrating process? With our Data Visualization & Analytics you offer the power of visualization-based data discovery to everyone in the organization, like department managers, individual contributors, top executives – and just everyone.


    Our Enterprise Mobility Solutions are simple, adaptive, dependable and cost-effective allowing you to quickly streamline your business operations. The application developed by us proves to be the core requirements that effectively serve customers and help them in real-time decision making. Here at Fiivers digital we make constant endeavors to improve employee interactivity and create seamless experiences for customers while having real-time engagements with the field force.


    At Fiivers digital we create the best business intelligence applications for dashboards, scorecards, visualization and drill-through reporting that is easy, agile, and robust. Here we address the information requirements of all types and levels of users and for the same it’s vital that developers quickly and easily build sophisticated business intelligence (BI) applications, deploying those applications across the enterprise and beyond.